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  • An end-to-end solution including digital menus, ordering & payments
  • Get hundreds of feature updates every year
  • No setup or hidden fees
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Flexible, pay-as-you-use pricing
(of transactions for UK cards, +1.1% for European Economic Area)
  • An end-to-end solution including digital menus, ordering & payments
  • Get hundreds of feature updates every year
  • No setup or hidden fees
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What's included

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Tools to build a custom designed digital menu

  • Custom UI
  • Custom menu URL
  • Add, edit & remove products freely

Real time order management system

  • See fulfilled & unfulfilled orders at a glance
  • Automatic payment status updates
  • Cloud based

Integrated payment platform

  • Accept all major payment cards
  • Accept digital wallets including Apple Pay &Google Pay
  • Low transaction fees

Automated delivery of customer payments to your bank account

  • Control delivery of payments
  • Batch payments
  • End-to-end, transparent payments journey

Data reporting & analytics

  • Live data reporting
  • Data analytics
  • Accounting software support

Unified dashboard to manage business & account

  • Comprehensive owner action & edit tools
  • Multi-team access
  • Cloud based

Round-the-clock messaging & email support

  • Support within 24h
  • Account management
  • Technical support

Third-party integrations

  • Point of sale integrations
  • Marketing & loyalty integrations
  • Business application integrations

Extensive security and compliance

  • FCA regulated
  • Secure collection of payment details
  • Data security & encryption
On average, businesses using Menulab see a 8.2% increase in average transaction value (ATV).

Frequently asked questions

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What to do if a customer doesn't have a smartphone to pay?

Nowadays it tends to be rare that a customer lacks a smartphone capable of scanning a QR code and making a payment digitally. Though, if a customer insists on using a physical payment card, it is important that you have a payment terminal as a backup. We recommend using a provider who charge a percentage of transactions and no ongoing monthly fees since this will just serve for occasional use.

I'm currently using the order only version of Menulab but want to start taking payments. How can I do this?

Once you are a paying customer of Menulab, you have access to all versions of our products. That means you are able to offer your customers digital menus, ordering and payments - any one of these alone, any in combination, or all of these together. You can also customise your customers' experience by choosing whether they pay upon ordering or at the end of the meal, and these changes can be made at any time in your account.

Where do my customers' payments go?

When your customers pay for their orders, the money is sent almost immediately to your bank account. If you have chosen to opt for a percentage fee subscription with us (as opposed to a monthly rolling cost), you will receive the customers' money with the small percentage fee deduction applied. You can access a comprehensive overview of every order and payment made by your customers in your Menulab account. You will always receive the money you make, quickly and reliably.

We are already using a POS system - how does Menulab work with that?

For many venues using Menulab, they find they are able to replace their existing costly POS system since we provide most of the basic POS functions at a lower cost. For venues who wish to maintain their current system, we provide POS integration at no extra cost. This means that customers' orders and payments made through Menulab will reflect on your POS. Please contact us at if you would like to understand more about how this works.

How do I cancel my subscription?

All Menulab payment plans can be cancelled at anytime. For a percentage-based subscription, this will be effective immediately, although since this is pay-as-you-go pricing, no refunds will be provided. For a rolling fixed cost subscription, you can cancel at anytime and your access to paid features will end at the end of the payment period. If you have requested cancellation within 7 days of your last payment, you will be eligible for a refund of the payment and your access to paid features will end immediately.

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Menulab lets your customers pay for their meal with their mobile phone, in full or split with the others at the table.

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We bring together two of our greatest passions: technology and hospitality to design products for customers and venues that serve them.

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