How QR Codes Will Transform the Operations of Your Restaurant

QR codes are transforming business models and functions everywhere, eradicating outdated processes and opening up new possibilities.

Rapid advances in technology are transforming business models and functions everywhere, eradicating outdated processes and opening up new possibilities for industries across the globe - including the restaurant trade. Competition is high in the food industry, and restaurants must find a way to adapt and utilise new technologies in order to survive in this post-pandemic, digital age. The implementation of QR code technology is one of the most beneficial changes a business can make, requiring minimal effort for maximum results. 

Studies show that high customer satisfaction is largely dependent on efficiency and ease of experience, with weak spots in reliability and responsiveness considered the most crucial factors in determining overall performance. Despite a restaurant’s best efforts, customers reliant solely on a waiter are likely to endure substantial waiting times when ordering (both initially and when further food and drink items are required), when asking for and receiving the bill, and when they want to pay. 

Access to an online menu via a QR code eliminates these frustrating waiting periods and improves responsiveness. Customers are able to browse at their own pace from the moment they sit down, with comprehensive allergen and nutritional information made available for added peace of mind. Using a digitised menu that can be easily amended by restaurant staff means that waiters will no longer be expected to relay large quantities of information about special dishes, dietary requirements, or changes to the menus. Similarly, customers won’t have to remember a bombardment of information either. Reading from a mobile phone will come intuitively for the majority of customers, granting them the autonomy to make well-informed decisions in a straightforward way. 

The online process also ensures a reduction in order errors. Manual, paper-based ordering is susceptible to inaccuracy, whereby miscommunication between the customer and restaurant staff can lead to incorrect orders and a negative experience. By streamlining the operation and creating a linear flow directly from customer to kitchen, the experience is made quicker with fewer risks. 

Digital ordering software centralises activity, so staff members can easily access table information without worrying about keeping hold of every paper ticket. Customers can pay quickly online at any point during their meal, with payment information logged immediately on the restaurant system for efficient accounting. 

Ultimately, the use of QR code technology in the food industry is the ideal way to streamline restaurant operations and drive growth. The experience for customers and staff alike is rendered quicker, easier, and more reliable by digital technologies, distinguishing your eatery as a place for happy punters and business-savvy innovation.